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УНСоюз став для української громади „батьком“

Уривок зі статті ,, УНСоюз вчора, сьогодні і завтра” з Альманаху Українського Народного Союзу за 1984 рік. В Україні не було організацій типу братських союзів в Америці. Тому ми знали про існування Українського Народного Союзу, але мали дуже слабке уявлення про нього....

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Svoboda editorial from 1893: “We need a national organization”

Reprinted below are excerpts of the Svoboda editorial of November 1, 1893, which called for the establishment of a fraternal organization for Ukrainians in the United States. The front-page editorial was titled “We need a national organization.” (At that time, Ukrainians were known as Ruthenians, and the original Ukrainian text of the editorial referred to “Rusyny.” In the translation below, which is reprinted from “Ukrainian National Association: Its Past and Present,” the 70th anniversary history of the UNA written by Anthony Dragan, the term “Ruthenian” has been replaced by “Ukrainian.”)

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Thank you!

A heartfelt thank you! Сердечна подяка! A heartfelt thank you for your support of Ukrainian National Association’s annual Christmas Card Project for the Ukrainian National Foundation (UNF), and, specifically, for the UNA Press Fund and Soyuzivka Heritage Center. This...

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