PHILADELPHIA – The Ukrainian National Association (UNA) has a long-standing tradition of assisting students in their pursuit of higher education. Despite the continuing challenges of the coronavirus, the UNA continued that tradition in 2021. The UNA Scholarship Committee met virtually on June 22 to review all applications for scholarships and awards.
There was a total of 44 applicants from 23 different UNA branches. The number and quality of applicants this year were truly exceptional, with a number of students applying for more than one scholarship for which they were eligible.
The special scholarships awarded by the UNA include the following for undergraduate students:
– Joseph and Dora Galandiuk Scholarship ($2,000) for students in sciences or accounting
– Drs. Maria, Dmytro, and Olha Jarosewycz Scholarship ($1,000) for students excelling in their studies
– Vera Stangl Scholarship ($750) for students studying journalism or nature/ wildlife
– Joseph Wolk Scholarship ($750) for students of Lemko heritage
– Ukrainian National Home Corp. of Blackstone, Mass., Scholarships ($500 each) for students from UNA New England branches
– Stefan Hawrysz Scholarship ($750) for students from one of the UNA’s Philadelphia District branches. This scholarship was created in 2021 by the Philadelphia District of the UNA.

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