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UNA Christmas card artist
Andriy Khomyk paints on glass

(This article was originally published in The Ukrainian Weekly)

PARSIPPANY, N.J. – Ukrainian artist Andriy Khomyk is the creator of the artwork featured on the Ukrainian National Association’s Christmas card set for 2018-2019. 

Born in Lviv, Mr. Khomyk graduated from art institutes and colleges in Lviv, with degrees in ceramic art and decorative and applied arts. His works have included easel painting and book printing art, and since 1991 painting on glass. His works have been featured in international and national exhibitions since 1993 and examples of his work can be found in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, Canada and the U.S.A.; a number of his works were purchased by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

Selections for this year’s UNA Christmas Card sale come from paintings revolving around the Christmas celebration in Ukraine. Scenes feature the singing of Ukrainian Christmas Carols, the preparation of the 12-course traditional Christmas Eve dinner, and the happenings in a typical Ukrainian village during the celebration of the feast of the Nativity.

Mr. Khomyk states on his website: “At the present time, I am painting almost exclusively on reverse glass. During the last hundred years, this centuries-old art form nearly perished. It is my ambition to help restore it. I find it an intriguing medium to work in, as it is unforgiving to error. My website (http://paintingonglass.com) currently contains over 225 paintings on glass, and we will be adding many more over time… Thank you for visiting my site – I am glad for the opportunity to share my work with you.”

For additional information, readers may contact Mr. Khomyk via e-mail, khomyk@paintingonglass.com.

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