PARSIPPANY, N.J. – The Ukrainian National Association’s Home Office on has mailed a voting package to all delegates to the last UNA Convention, held in May 2018, and to current members of the UNA General Assembly.

The package contains proposed changes to the UNA By-Laws and a ballot that is to be returned via the mail by January 21. Delegates and General Assembly members are being asked to vote on proposed changes to the UNA By-Laws, a draft of which was presented to delegates at the UNA’s 2018 Convention.

The voting takes place as the UNA celebrates the 125th anniversary of its founding. As noted in a letter from UNA President/CEO Stefan Kaczaraj that was sent with the ballots, “The passage of these By-Laws is an important and crucial step to ensure the UNA’s viability for the next 125 years.”

Also included in the packet sent by certified mail to convention delegates and General Assembly members were the Proposed Amended Charter and By-Laws of the Ukrainian National Association, Inc., as well as a summary of the key highlights of the proposed amendments.

In the event that any delegate or General Assembly member did not receive the packet, they are urged to phone the Home Office at 973-292-9800.