Our Benefits

When you purchase a policy from the UNA, you become a member of the UNA fraternal family. In addition to having access to financial offerings, UNA members may also take advantage of the following benefits:


  • Scholarships for college students;
  • Awards for college students
  • Car rental savings through Hertz;
  • Car insurance through Plymouth Rock Assurance;
  • Subscription discounts to the UNA’s newspapers, Svoboda (in Ukrainian) and The Ukrainian Weekly (in English);
  • Discounts to enjoy during your stays at Soyuzivka, the Ukrainian Heritage Center in beautiful New York state;
  • Fingerprint kits;
  • Walk-In Pharmacy / RX Mail Order Prescription Discounts

Scholarship and Award Application

applicants must select  special scholarship they wish to apply

Community Calendar

see what is happening in the UNA community

Prescription Savings

Walk-In Pharmacy / RX Mail Order

Car insurance

through Plymouth Rock

Fingerprint kits

for parents

Discounts at Soyuzivka

the Ukrainian Heritage Center in beautiful New York state

Subscription discounts

to the UNA’s newspaper Svoboda (in Ukrainian)

Subscription discounts

to the UNA’s newspaper The Ukrainian Weekly (in English)

Our Mission

In its second century of service,  the UNA continues carry on its mission 


To provide high-quality, solid, secure and straightforward life insurance and annuity products to UNA members


To preserve the principles of fraternalism  that allow members to support one another  during times of need


To preserve the Ukrainian, Ukrainian American, and Ukrainian Canadian heritages and cultures


Discounts are available exclusively through participating pharmacies. The range of the discounts will vary depending on the type of provider and services rendered.  This program does not make payments directly to providers. Members are required to pay for all health care services.  You may cancel your registration at any time or file a complaint by contacting Customer Care.  This program is administered by Medical Security Card Company, LLC (MSC) of Tucson, AZ.

Car rental savings through Hertz

  • Hertz offers UNA members special year-round discounts on daily, weekly, weekend, and monthly rentals for business or pleasure, traveling in the U.S. or worldwide
  • If you are a UNA member, please call the UNA Home Office (800-253-9862) to get a Hertz Member Discount Card
  • You can use your card when you call 1-800-654-3131 or visit the Hertz website at www.hertz.com to make a reservation –  it’s that easy

Car insurance through Plymouth Rock Assurance

New Jersey residents only

  • Plymouth Rock Assurance is one of the leading auto insurance companies in New Jersey and is able to offer UNA members very competitive rates on auto insurance, as well as excellent customer service
  • For a free quote and to see if Plymouth Rock Assurance auto insurance is right for you, call the UNA Home Office (800-253-9862)


When you purchase a policy with the UNA, you become a member of an organization that has been committed, since its inception, to giving back to the community. We support various cultural and educational programs, such as scholarships for deserving student members. As a fraternal benefit society, our earnings are reinvested for the benefit of our members. Remember our motto: UNA and the community – partners for life!


The UNA publishes two newspapers: Svoboda in the Ukrainian language (published since 1893) and The Ukrainian Weekly in English (published since 1933).

Both papers have reputations of being top-quality, well-respected news sources about events and happenings in Ukraine and Ukrainian communities throughout the world. Mail and online subscriptions are available. For additional information, please visit the websites of Svoboda and The Ukrainian Weekly.

Soyuzivka Heritage Center

Nestled in the mountains of beautiful New York state, the Soyuzivka Heritage Center offers visitors a unique experience by immersing them in a Ukrainian environment.

Through workshops, seminars, camps, festivals, art shows, concerts and a host of other activities, you can expand your knowledge of the rich Ukrainian heritage and traditions.  In addition, Soyuzivka Heritage Center serves as a wonderful gathering place to meet with old friends and form new friendships.

For additional information, please visit the Soyuzivka website.