UNA announces Stefan Hawrysz Scholarship for Philadelphia District

UNA announces Stefan Hawrysz Scholarship for Philadelphia District

The Philadelphia District Committee of the Ukrainian National Association is pleased to announce the establishment of the Philadelphia District Stefan Hawrysz Scholarship in the amount of $750 per year. Students who are members of the Philadelphia District Branches (Nos. 10, 83, 153, 162, 163, 173, 362, 397 and 501) of the UNA are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

The award is named in honor of Stefan Hawrysz, a former UNA National Organizer, Auditor and Advisor who personally enrolled over 2,500 UNA members and established 16 UNA branches. Mr. Hawrysz also served as chairman of the Philadelphia District Committee of the UNA and was a Philadelphia community activist.

The Philadelphia District of the UNA continues to support local organizations, and parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles, are encouraged to enroll their children in the UNA in order to take full advantage of the various fraternal benefits offered by the organization.

Eligibility for the new scholarship includes the following criteria: 1) students must have a UNA qualifying policy; 2) students must be members of any Philadelphia District Branch; 3) students must be enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited college or university in the U.S.A. or Canada; and 4) students must submit a completed UNA scholarship application and provide a brief essay.

The UNA has a long history of supporting students in their academic studies, and the first scholarships were small stipends awarded to promising students to help them attain a better future. A formal scholarship program for student members was established in 1964. With the addition of the Philadelphia District Stefan Harwysh Scholarship, the UNA now has 11 Special Scholarships in addition to UNA Awards, which are based on the applicant’s year of study.

Readers are advised to visit the UNA’s website, www.unainc.org, to see a listing of all of the UNA scholarships and the requirements for student applications. For more information about UNA scholarships, readers may contact Maria Drich, 973-292-9800, ext. 3035.

The deadline for 2021-2022 applications on all scholarship awards is June 1, 2021.
In addition to scholarships, the UNA offers a number of options for both parents and grandparents to assist with handling the cost of higher education for their children. Most popular are endowment policies that provide insurance protection and at maturity allow students to use the funds for college expenses. In addition, the UNA offers a Coverdell Education Savings Account that allows up to $2,000 per year to be placed in an account that will grow tax free. Withdrawals from the account can be made up to age 30 for a student’s qualified educational expenses.

To discuss available UNA products or options for college funding, readers may contact any of the Philadelphia District Branch Secretaries listed below.

Lubov Streletsky, (Branch 10), 267-767-6791, [email protected];
Michael Luciw, (Branch 83), 215-635-5109, [email protected]g;
Jurij Danyliw, (Branch 153), 215-646-3115, [email protected];
George Fedorijczuk, (Branch 162), 215-632-8560, [email protected];
Andrij Szul Esq, (Branch 163), 212-898-9040, [email protected];
Eugene Serba, (Branch 173), 856-904-4161, [email protected];
Luba Walchuk, (Branch 362), 908-872-6822, [email protected];
Ulana Prociuk, (Branch 397), 215-969-9946, [email protected].

Husak celebrates 101st birthday

Husak celebrates 101st birthday

On February 20 Catherine Husak, a member of UNA Branch 173, celebrated her 101st birthday. To mark the occasion, she was joined by several members of Ukrainian National Association Branch 173 and parishioners of St Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church in Wilmington, Del. The celebration at her home included flowers along with a traditional Ukrainian torte. Everyone joyfully sang Mnohaya Lita (Many Years) and Happy Birthday. Mnohaya Lita, Pani Husak!