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The full-scale military invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces that began on February 24 is an effort to permanently destroy the territorial integrity of an independent Ukraine. Moreover, it is an effort to break permanently the rules-based, international order that has managed to stave off another world war for more than 85 years. The Ukrainian National Association (UNA), representing Americans and Canadians of Ukrainian ancestry, is in full solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine and is deeply proud of their resilience and heroic resistance. We join with all international actors who have called on Russia to immediately cease all hostilities against Ukraine, remove from the territory of Ukraine all Russian armed forces and armed Russian-proxy “separatist” units, and fully restore Ukraine’s pre-2014 borders. The UNA strongly supports calls by U.S. President Joseph Biden, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and other world leaders to fully sanction Russia, the individual oligarchs who support the Russian president and Vladimir Putin himself. The UNA also fully supports efforts to provide military support to Ukraine, including innovative methods of air cover, and it supports Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s call for the need to establish a foreign legion to assist Ukrainians in their war against Russia.

For more than 125 years, the UNA has promoted unity, democratic ideals and the principles of benevolence and charity within the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States of America and Canada. As a fraternal association, we have served our members, immigrants from Ukraine who survived two world wars and several political and economic crises. But the world now faces both a security and humanitarian crisis, and soon there will be millions of refugees whose families have been torn apart and who left everything behind as they fled their homeland. The Ukrainian government, its military and individuals who remain in the country will need support. As a result, the unfolding global crisis must be managed on an international level by organizations with appropriate expertise. The UNA has identified organizations which are working to provide aid to Ukraine. The number of organizations looking to assist Ukraine and its people is constantly growing, and we will do our best to update information on these organizations as a resource for friends and supporters of Ukraine. For the full list, we invite you to visit our website,

For the past 100 years, Ukraine’s history has been one filled with trauma and continued suffering. Comments from observers worldwide note the stoic, even calm, demeanor of the Ukrainian people. Ukrainians love their land, their culture, and their country. Despite many horrific efforts to break their spirit, Ukrainians have survived and they are determined to keep their country whole and undivided.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to its heroes!

General Assembly of the Ukrainian National Association

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